Five Functions of Horsetail
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Five Functions of Horsetail

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Five Functions of Horsetail

1. Diuresis and kidney problems

Horsetail is best known for its use as a mild diuretic ("drainage agent") to increase micturition and reduce edema, and as a variety of bladder and kidney problems (including kidney stones and bladder infection). Horsetail is an excellent astringent for the urinary and reproductive system. It can reduce bleeding and treat wounds because of its high silicone content. Horsetail is also of great value in the treatment of incontinence and bed wetting in young children. It is considered to be a specific drug for inflammation or benign prostatic enlargement.

2. Osteoporosis

Silicon, an essential element, is very high in Vitex trifolia. Silicon is an element necessary for the body to make proper use of calcium. Many people diagnosed with calcium deficiency are not lack of calcium, they are actually lack of silicon in their daily diet, so calcium is not properly used and precipitated by the body. Therefore, some experts suggest that silicon is necessary for the formation of bone and cartilage. This indicates that Horsetail may be effective in preventing osteoporosis.

3. Arthritis and Arteriosclerosis

The high content of silicon in Horsetail may help to explain its use in the treatment of arthritis and arteriosclerosis, because there is a large amount of silicon in joints and arterial tissues.

4. NailEembrittlement

Anecdotal reports suggest that Horsetail may be used in the treatment of nail embrittlement. This may be due to the high content of silicic acid and silicate in Horsetail, which can supply about 2 to 3% of elemental silicon.

5. Treat Wounds

Horsetail can be used internally or externally to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing. It is very effective in treating wounds and strengthening connective tissue. At the same time, because of its astringent and hemostatic properties, it also helps to heal bleeding ulcers. However, it should be avoided to take it together with antihypertensive drugs.