Ginseng Extract
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Ginseng Extract

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Ginseng extract is made from the roots and leaves of ginseng. Ginsenoside is the main component of ginseng extract, mainly composed of 18 kinds of ginsenoside monomers, easily soluble in ethanol, bitter in taste.

High purity ginseng extract is extracted by pulverizing dried or steamed ginseng, adding ethanol for 2 times, concentrating until no alcoholic taste, diluting with water, filtering and removing impurities, adsorbing on resin, eluting with water, then eluting with ethanol, collecting ethanol eluate, removing impurities by sieving adsorbent resin, finally concentrating into paste, drying, and getting ginseng extract.

Dalian Tianshan can process according to the different needs of customers, processing specifications are as follows.


Here is our ginseng extract in powder and paste form: