How to quickly test the quality of bee pollen?
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How to quickly test the quality of bee pollen?

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Bee pollen contains high quality protein, sugar, amino acids, vitamins, flavonoid and bioactive enzymes. Therefore, it is regarded by nutrition experts and pharmacists as a "pure and natural concentrated nutrient bank".

There are many methods to test the quality of bee pollen,which are mainly divided into physical&chemical testing, sensory testing and simple testing. The physical&chemical testing methods are more complex and require sophisticated instruments, which are not generally available for individuals. Daily purchase of bee pollen is mainly based on sensory identification or simple inspection,  the method is simple and rapid, can initially identify the quality of bee pollen.

(1) Visual inspection

Good bee pollen ,with full grain, uniform color, no impurities, no odor, no mildew, good drying and pure varieties. Under normal circumstances, pure bee pollen has a unique color of a certain species, other pollen grains mixed should be less than 7%.

(2) Smell with nose

Fresh bee pollen has a clear aroma of a single flower species, mildewed bee pollen or contaminated bee pollen has no fragrant odor, or even has an unpleasant smell or odor. The fake bee pollen has no strong aroma.

(3) Taste

Take a little bee pollen and put it into your mouth and taste it carefully. The taste of fresh bee pollen is pungent,bitter, astringent aftertaste and slightly sweet. The taste of bee pollen is greatly influenced by the source of bee pollen plant species.

(4) Hand twisting

Fresh bee pollen has high water content,is easy to break by hand twisting, It is fine and has no sense of silt. If there is rough or hard sand feeling when hand twisting, it means the content of impurities in the bee pollen is relatively large.the dried bee pollen is not soft, and has firm feel when squeezed by hand.if bee pollen is easily broken with a twist of hand. It has not been dried properly and has a high water content. It may also deteriorate due to damp and mold.