Treasure in Human Natural Food-Bee Pollen
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Treasure in Human Natural Food-Bee Pollen

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Bee pollen refers to the pollen mass brought back by bees when collecting honey and formed after storage and fermentation in the hive. Bee pollen is the male germ cell in the stamens of flowering plants. It not only carries the genetic information of life, but also contains all the nutrients necessary to breed new life. It is the foundation of plant lineage and the source of heat energy.


When bees collect honey, they will collect pollen with their pollen feet to form a pollen mass. After entering the hive, the pollen mass will be stored. Its main therapeutic ingredients are: protein, amino acids, vitamins, bee pollen, trace elements, active enzymes, flavonoids, lipids, nucleic acids, brassinoids, phytic acid, etc. The content and proportion of amino acids are closest to the amino acid model recommended by the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which is extremely rare in natural foods. Bee pollen is a concentrate composed of substances with nutritional value and pharmacodynamic value. It contains protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other active substances. Bee pollen is not only an excellent natural nutritional food, but also an ideal tonic, and has a certain medical effect.


Bee pollen comes from nature. It is the pollen grains collected by bees from the stamens of flower plants (nectar and pollen plants) and mixed with special gland secretions (nectar and saliva) to form an irregular oblate shape. Bee pollen has natural health care function and medical and beauty value. It is recognized by more and more people. It is a kind of high protein and low-fat nutritional health food. It is known as "omnipotent nutritional food", "concentrated natural medicine library" and "oral cosmetics". It is a treasure in human natural food.


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