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The Most Effective Way To Take Royal Jelly

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1.Taking Royal Jelly on an empty stomach
Royal Jelly is best consumed on an empty stomach (one hour before eating, or two hours after eating). When stomach acid levels are lower, taking on an empty stomach will allow the fully absorption of the abundant nutrition of royal jelly, especially the soluble royal jelly proteins, which play pivotal roles in honeybee nutrition, bee brain development, and exhibits broad pharmacological effects in humans such as anti-hypertension, antitumor, cholesterol controlling, and wound healing.
2.Controlling the dosage of Royal Jelly
Royal jelly is traditionally used as a nutritional supplement for immune system support and is an excellent natural source of a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals. There is no strict limit of intake amount, but the initial daily intake amount of fresh royal jelly is recommended to be controlled under 5 grams (1/2 tsp).
3.Mixing honey to take Royal Jelly
Fresh royal jelly has a fresh tart taste with an aromatic sweet aftertaste. Besides improving the silky texture, mixing with honey can also reduce the natural tart taste of royal jelly and create the best aftertaste.
4.Taking it as Api-fusions
Mixing honey, bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly together can increase the bio-activity of the individual bee products and create a healthy balanced combination. You can create your unique formula of promoting immune support and the maintaining good health regardless of age or lifestyle. Besides being an excellent health booster, the mixture of bee products also has the excellent natural taste. Honey acts as an excellent medium to carry the nutrients contained in pollen, propolis and royal jelly into the body, while highlights the floral sweet taste of your nutrient api-fusions.
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