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Lotus pollen? What is it for people? OK?

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Lotus pollen is mainly produced in Jiangnan, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei and other places. The production season is from July to August every year. The color is milky yellow, with a distinctive fresh fragrance of lotus. Low output, good taste and high price.

The efficacy and function of lotus pollen are as follows:

1. Lotus pollen can dispel wrinkles and whiten, invigorate Qi and promote blood circulation, moisten dryness and relieve constipation.

2. The beauty effect of lotus pollen is very good.

3. It has a good effect on spleen and stomach weakness, mental fatigue and insomnia.

4. Regulate and balance internal secretion, promote metabolism, make skin white, tender and elastic, beautiful and lustrous.

5. Lotus pollen can improve hematopoietic function and has a significant effect on anemia treatment.

6. It can be used to treat dysentery, gastroenteritis, unfavorable urination and edema.

7. Hepatitis has special effects on preventing arteriosclerosis, enhancing myocardial contraction, accelerating heart rate, improving myocardial function and reducing fat.

8. Increasing appetite: It has bactericidal and healing effects on gastrointestinal ulcer tissue damage; it effectively promotes digestion and absorption of food by digestive system, and enhances appetite.

9. Protect cardiovascular system: Enhance capillary strength, elasticity, soften blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride content, enhance cardiac contractility and function, and have a good protective effect on cardiovascular system.

10. Regulation of endocrine: can promote the development of endocrine glands, improve the secretory function of glands. Neutralize toxins, regulate the internal circulation system, restore and maintain normal functions of the body.

11. Beauty and postponement of aging: lotus pollen is not only beneficial to human digestion and absorption, but also can be directly absorbed and utilized for skin. Lotus pollen can improve the nutritional status of skin cells, promote metabolism, delay cell aging, increase skin elasticity, eliminate wrinkles, and make skin soft, healthy, smooth and delicate.

12. Improving immunity: Lotus pollen can increase the number and activity of macrophages in lymphocyte, resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses, enhance the function of immune system, and have the function of health preservation and anti-aging.

13. Whitening skin, eliminating all kinds of spots, reducing wrinkles: Lotus pollen for internal or external use can promote metabolism, improve nutritional status, enhance skin vitality and resistance to adverse external environment.

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