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The Efficacy and Effect of Royal Jelly

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Fresh Royal Jelly, also known as royal jelly, bee milk, and royal jelly, is the secretion of the throat of the young worker bee that breeds larvae in the honeybee nest. It is the food that supplies the larvae that will become the queen bee. The nutrition is much higher than that of honey. Royal jelly is a light yellow or light orange-yellow viscous liquid with a sweet taste and aroma, and its medicinal value is also very high. Royal jelly must be stored at low temperature.
The nutritional value of royal jelly
1. Royal jelly is high in protein, and protein accounts for about 50% of the dry matter of royal jelly. Among them, 2/3 is albumin, 1/3 is globulin, and there are more than 12 kinds of proteins in royal jelly. In addition, there are many small peptides.
2. Royal jelly also contains fats, sugars and similar acetylcholine-like substances,
as well as a variety of amino acids and biological hormones required by the human body.
3. Royal jelly contains 9 sterol compounds, which have been identified three times. They are sterol, cholesterol and sitosterol. It also contains minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, potassium and sodium.
4, royal jelly contains vitamin a and vitamin b, especially b vitamins are particularly rich. In addition, there are mainly thiamine (b1), riboflavin (b2), pyridoxine (b6), vitamin b12, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, inositol, vitamin c, vitamin d, etc., among which pantothenic acid content highest.
The efficacy and effect of fresh royal jelly
1, Royal jelly is sweet and sour, and it is into the spleen and liver. It has the functions of nourishing, strengthening, benefiting the liver and strengthening the spleen. It is used for post-illness weakness, malnutrition in children, senile body failure, infectious hepatitis, hypertension, Rheumatoid arthritis, duodenal ulcer embolism.
2, royal jelly, dry and laxative effect is significant. The vast majority of patients with habitual constipation, as long as they insist on long-term oral administration of a sufficient amount of bee milk, can basically get rid of constipation.
3, royal jelly can significantly enhance the body's resistance to a variety of virulence factors, promote the regeneration and repair of viscera tissue, adjust endocrine and metabolism, but also effectively increase appetite, improve sleep and promote growth and development, very strong for the human body Health care functions and medical effects.
4, bee milk can strengthen the body's resistance and promote growth, oral or injection can increase the diameter of red blood cells and reticulocyte hemoglobin, blood iron content increased significantly, and the number of platelets increased.
5, long-term use of royal jelly can promote appetite, enhance physical fitness, long-term use of weight loss can also increase weight, make people energetic, sleep well, and feel comfortable.