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Dalian Tianshan Industrial Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich industry experience over the past 25 years and has in-depth knowledge of our products’ properties and application. In customer service with diversified products such as health food, beverages and cosmetics.

We know well the properties of our products in terms of taste, odor, density, particle size, hygdroscopic character etc.

We know exactly what kind of dosage form our products are suitable for and what products are suitable to be compatible with to produce better results.

With years of experience in product development, we can provide you with the service of joint development and research solutions to health food and health drinks.


Our high-end facilities support customers’ product applications more broadly and make your demand customized.


Tianshan Industry has packaging design technical team with international vision, which provides brand planning, diversified packaging design and communication&promotion design services with forward-looking design thinking and innovative brand concept. Mastering the world's current modular design and application technology, according to different market positioning and product requirements, from packaging technology, packaging structure, innovation, science, practicality, functionality, to provide customers with complete packaging technical support. We rely on professionalism and reputation to attract many customers, turn creativity into sales force, and use design to help customers reduce operating costs and achieve the highest value for our customers.


We always take user experience as our core competence, dedicated to providing industry innovative solutions for various industries, serving more than 50 world-renowned companies with one-stop services and ultimately realizing their business value. We strive to be an explorer  and practicer.Let's talk and customize your brand innovation plan!