Honeyed Ginseng Slice
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Honeyed Ginseng Slice

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Nutri Viva


Ginseng Roots 51% (6-Years-Grown), Honey , Fructose, Oligosaccharide


· GREAT QUALITY - Soaked 6 Year ginseng slices in honey and then dried. You can easily take ginseng wherever you go.

· DELICIOUS TASTE - Pickled in honey to give a sweet taste and aroma along with the natural bitterness of red ginseng.

· CONVENIENCE – 10 packs of 20g individually packed for easy to carry and consumption.

· 100% GINSENG ROOTS – Grown in Changbaishan for 6 years before harvesting. Made from carefully selected 6-years-grown fresh ginseng roots that are cultivated in the clean area of Jilin Province (northeastern part of China).

· PROVIDES ENERGY AND PREVENTS FATIGUE - Ginseng helps boost the immune system, increases stamina, enhances physical energy, and combats depression & fatigue.