Fresh Royal Jelly
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Fresh Royal Jelly

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Fresh Royal Jelly is well known as one of nature's most complete foods. It is a white milky substance that is secreted by the worker bee, highly nutritive and hormone-rich. Fresh Royal Jelly is the food of the queen bees and queen bees live exclusively on it and it accounts for their incredible size,fertility and longevity.


Tianshan selects top quality Fresh Royal Jelly as raw materials. Raw materials are kept in reefer, waiting for the full and stric inspection. Only those qualified raw materials are released.  

Working steps include impurities-removing, blending, quality assurance, packing. 


The process is undergone in a sanitary condition. 

We are very proud Dalian Tianshan Fresh Royal Jelly is one hundred percent natural and pure  without any additives and preservatives.


We have Organic Fresh Royal Jelly certified by BCS,German available to satisfy the special requirement .



Appearance: A light yellow viscous liquid with characteristic taste, slightly sour.

10-HDA tested by HPLC: 1.4-2.0% .

Crude protein: 11.5%-14.5%.

Moisture: 63.5%-67.5%



a) 1kg plastic bottle with sealed double plastic bags inside,10 plastic bottles in a styrofoam insulated carton.

b) 10kg in a plastic drum, one plastic drum in a plastic bag,one drum is in a styrofoam insulated carton.

 Fresh Royal Jelly can also be packed as per the customers' requirement.


Storage and Shelf life

Store in a frozen place of -18℃.

Keep away from direct light and heat.

2 years when properly stored.



Fresh Royal Jelly can be packed into small package for direct eating.

Fresh Royal Jelly can also be mixed with honey and herbal powder as dietary supplements.

Used in cosmetics industry for its youth-giving properties.