Mixed Pollen
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Mixed Pollen

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Bee pollen is collected by the bees from flowers and used as the protein part of their diet. Pollen can be harvested by the beekeepers from the bees as they enter their hives.

Mixed Pollen Powder is also available.



  Impurity 1% max.

  Debris 5% max.

  Loss on drying 6% max.



  12.5kg in an aluminum foil bag, 2 aluminum foil bags in a carton.

  Tianshan Bee Pollen can also be packed as per your requirement.


Storage and Shelf life

  Store in cool and dry place.

  Keep away from direct light and heat.

  2 years when properly stored.



 • Greatly improve energy levels.

 • Alleviate menstrual cramps.

 • Speed the healing of wounds.

 • Alleviate depression and fatigue.

 • Normalize digestive problems.

 • Improve fertility in females and males.

 • Reduce cholesterol.